Winter Carnvial at AGS


AGS students got to take a break, even if it was too cold for the outdoor plans.

The Winter Carnival was held on March 3rd and 4th. And while the two days included activities like watching movies and playing basketball games, the events also had other benefits for the Elementary and Middle School kids.

Jean Isaac is one of the teachers responsible for organizing the events for the Middle School students.

“We wanted to challenge them,” she said.16-03 AGS Winter Carnival21

The students all began in their homerooms, and then moved to different classrooms, for 30 minutes at a time. Some of activities required math skills, or concentration. Others had benefits that weren’t quite so obvious.

The day was deliberately planned to encourage the students. They had to interact with some of the teachers they haven’t had classes with yet. For one game, they had to get in front of the group, even if they are a little shy.

Jean has found that smaller groups helps encourage the kids to interact. A little competitive edge helps too.

Jean supervised games of “Heads Up.” The game requires one student to hold a phone to his or her forehead. The group can see a word on the screen, and they have to act it out. The person holding the phone has to guess what the word is. Guys played against the girls for “bragging rights.”

“They were laughing, they were engaged. They were sharing, they’re helping each other, which you don’t see everyday,” Jean said.

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