Wapikoni is Back

Wapikoni Studios are back in Listuguj for another month-long stay. They’re working hard on 5 films and 4 songs with folks from here.

It’s entirely free to the community. But a project does take time.

You’ll be able to see all of the work on Sept. 10, at AGS School, at 6 p.m.

There are two fully equipped studios that travel to First Nation communities throughout the summer. A new team takes over at each stop. But the exact same team as last year have come back again.

“It doesn’t happen often that we have the same four people in a community,” said Francis Desroches. “We have a good team, and we have fun doing it.”

Francis Desroches outside the Wapikoni mobile studio on Sept 1. Photo: Adam Hodnett

Francis Desroches outside the Wapikoni mobile studio on Sept 1. Photo: Adam Hodnett

Films created with Wapikoni in Listuguj have been well received. They’ve  won awards. Nate Condo’s film last year has been accepted at a film festival in Texas. And one film has even started a career.

“I can say that there’s a lot of talent in Listuguj. The films that were made, and the music that was made in the last years has received a lot of recognition,” Desroches said.

Everything can be made with these studios – documentaries, narratives, music  and music videos.

Desroches is in charge of community outreach. Melissa Girvan is the coordinator.

“The idea also,” Desroches said, “is we keep meeting the same people, and we know them and we know how to work with them.

There are a lot of people doing projects with Wapikoni again this year.

“I was hoping to see a lot of the same people again,” Desroches said. “A lot of them showed up, so I’m happy with it.”

Anyone can do a project, or just help out. People are always needed for filming or recording audio. And everyone can help you develop any idea.

“We never know what’s going to come up,” Desroches said. “We have a big intense month of creation, and usually good things come out of it.”

Take a video tour of the mobile studio

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