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It was in 2021 when Vicky Metallic first had the idea to create Metallic Publishing – a Mi’gmaw owned business with an aim to publish and distribute Mi’gmaw language books and other related language educational material for schools and students across Gespe’gewa’gi, as well as for the general public. 

Vicky has long been passionate about reading and writing. She was raised speaking Mi’gmaw as her first language by her parents Mary Ann and Frank Metallic. In 2018, she enrolled in an intensive 2-year Mi’gmaw literacy training program at LETE (Listuguj Education, Training & Development), where she was introduced how to read and write in the language by her instructor and aunt Janice Vicaire. It was during this time that she developed an interest in, and realized the potential of, Mi’gmaw language creative writing, and had planned to help create curriculum content for the school. However, life made a sudden change.

The time between 2018 and 2021 was significant for her. Suffering the huge personal loss of her partner Mark, it prompted her to reflect and re-evaluate how she really wanted to be spending her time. During her break from work, she knew it was time to go about her interests a little differently. With an entrepreneurial spirit, experience in proposal writing, and strong support from her family, she set out on a slightly new career path as an independent publisher. 

“It feels great to be able to give what I never had as a child. Growing up, I was only exposed to the language in my home from my immediate and some extended family. Looking back, I think how significant it would have been to see children’s books and tv shows in our language. Not seeing my language reflected anywhere has always made me feel like an outsider. With Metallic Publishing, I hope to change that. I want to provide a sense of belonging.”

In December 2022, Vicky was notified that her funding application to Canadian Heritage was successful. This funding is being used to create language learning content for social media. Videos are uploaded weekly to Metallic Publishing’s Facebook page titled “Gesatm egiljei”, which means, “I like to read”, and includes a combination of introductory and intermediate language lessons that are easily accessible to the public.

It’s an exciting time for Metallic Publishing. The business is also set to launch its first Mi’gmaw language book, titled U’j’ji’jg, a translation from Robert Munsch’s Blackflies, in early spring.

To view the language content, or to purchase a copy of U’j’ji’jg, you may contact Vicky Metallic through Facebook, or by email at

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