Settlement Deadline

The Governement of Canada signed the Settlement Agreement on April 29, 205. This is the “effective date.” The cutoff date to confirm Listuguj membership is now May 29, 2015.

Delays from the Canadian Government pushed this date back further than expected, but the LMG has always stated that the final day to be registered on the band list would be 30 days following the “effective date” of the agreement.

This will determine how many people are eligible for the $60 million that will be distributed to community members. Exact Per Capita Distribution (PCD) amounts will only be known once all the registered members are confirmed. All members will have to apply for the PCD.

For new members to be eligible, they must be confirmed, or have an application that is considered active by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) or the LMG.

Canada has said it will release the Settlement Funds after the “Effective Date,” and within one month following the necessary appropriation vote by Parliament. So the money could be released as late as August, 2015.

Payment will be made to a restricted Listuguj bank account fully verifiable by community members.

Contact Gino Clement at the LMG immediately if you are in the process, or will be applying for Listuguj membership.

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