Remembrance Day Ceremony 2015

The Remembrance Day Ceremony at AGS school keeps growing. Last year organizers had to set up more tables. It is always held at 11:00 a.m. on November 11th.

“We’re growing out of the AGS,” said Mary Bradstreet, one of the organizers. “It seems like there’s more people that are coming out to support this event marked for the Veterans.”

Bradstreet is excited about some of the plans for this year, which includes the local drumming group, Spirit Bear.

“They sing ‘Soldier Boy’ and that’s so powerful when you hear that,” Bradstreet said. “And this year we have a litter girl – she’s about 7 years-old – and she’s going to be singing O’Canada in Mi’gmaq. Her voice is powerful and she will give you shivers. Her name is Annie Morrison.”

The committee is also hosting its major fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 6 – a silent auction at the Elder’s lodge, followed by a Steak and Rice Supper. Plates are $5. The auction is held from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Bradstreet has been surprised by the many amazing donations this year.

“It’s going to help the veterans in so many ways,” Bradstreet said.

The money goes toward the many events organized by the committee, namely the Remembrance Day Ceremony, and the Flag Raising Ceremony held on Aboriginal Day, June 21st.

Thanks to the direction of the committee’s president, John Mitchell, the Flag Raising Ceremony now includes a Missing In Action (MIA) and Prisoners of War (POW) Flag , to honour the two POWs from the community, and one man who was missing in action.

The committee also grants a $500 scholarship to a high school graduate every year, provided they have the funds.

The committee originally began in 2009 to help fundraise for the Veteran’s Monument.

Bradstreet only got involved because she was looking for an activity to be involved with. She says it has grown into a passion for her.

There’s been a lot to learn, including important ways of showing respect to our Veterans.

Aside from the hard work that the committee puts in to make these events possible, Bradstreet is inspired by the veterans – like the one retired marine who always salutes until every single name is called out at the ceremony, or the retired marines who retire the flag every year.

“I am very grateful to be involved with a group of people who share the commitment and passion in giving back to the Veterans of our community, who we thank for our freedom,” she said.

The Remembrance Day Ceremony at AGS in 2014.

The Remembrance Day Ceremony at AGS in 2014.

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