Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation and Innergex Team up for New Wind Project


On March 15th, Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (MMBC) issued a press release announcing their partnership with Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. for the 102 MW Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n 2 Wind Facility (MU2) in the MRC d’Avignon. This is the second project between the three Mi’gmaq communities – Listuguj, Gesgapegiag, and Gaspé, the first project, the 150 MW Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Wind Facility (MU1) has been operating successfully since 2016. The project will be covered by a 30-year “take-or-pay” power purchase agreement (PPA) with Hydro Quebec.

“We knew this project was going to be quite competitive with others,” said MMBC CEO Fred Vicaire, “it’s different from the MU1 – the MU1 we negotiated PPA with Hydro Quebec. For this one, we came up with a price with our partner Innergex – a competitive price, because we were competing with all other projects in the province of Quebec. We were quite happy we were selected as one of the seven projects for this call for proposal.”

With this new green energy project comes the installation of 17-19 new wind turbines, with progressive technology since the first project was completed. This project will also create employment opportunities for all three Mi’gmaq communities on the territory of Gespe’gewa’gi. “We are looking to maximize Mi’gmaq employment,” said Vicaire. The company expects 200 jobs to be generated from the project’s construction. The first MU1 project generated roughly 150 Mi’gmaq employers, and MMBC and Innergex are hoping to go above and beyond that target for phase two.

When it comes to the project’s revenue, Vicaire said, “Revenue is at the shareholder’s discussion. Shareholders are the three community’s Chief and Council.” MMBC is the general partner, who helps manage and facilitates these types of affairs on their behalf but ultimately does not make final decisions.

Construction for the 102 MW Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n 2 Wind Facility is expected to begin in 2025, lasting roughly a year.  Its commissioning is expected in 2026.

By Ann Marie Jacques

This article will be featured in April’s issue of the Wi’gatign.

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