Local Juice Bar Is Here To Quench Your Thirst


On top of being a full-time artist, a clinical aesthetician; and a cannabis store owner, Tracey Metallic now has another business, Ki’Juice.

Ki’Juice is a beverage bar specializing in low-calorie, sugar-free energy drinks. They recently just introduced bubble tea, smoothies, and iced coffee. Customers can also customize their own drinks to their liking. The business opened in August 2021 and has been successful ever since.

“When we were first given the idea in early February 2021. We thought it might work but then we quickly put it aside because we were busy with our other business. After Giving it much thought, we decided to go for it,” said Tracey.

Ki’Juice is located on Church Crescent here in Listuguj, attached to Tracey’s home. This location is a main challenge for the business, as it is not centrally located; but customers still find their way to keep the business going.

The menu has grown exponentially since opening, and it is sure to always be a drink to your liking. “Our menu is diverse where the customer can come in and order a healthier alternative to what’s out there like our sugar-free, carb-free, energy drinks; or they can enjoy a sweet treat like a strawberry coconut cream cheese smoothie with strawberry popping Boba’s,” Tracey said.

Many drinks have become a hit, like the Banana Pop, Mr. Freeze, and Bruce Banner. A lot of these drinks couldn’t have been made without the help of Tracey’s boyfriend and co-owner, Justin Lavigne. “It’s Justin’s pallet and impeccable taste who creates many of the drinks, which is why I dubbed him with the name Mix Master Jay,” Tracey says. “He’s the best!”

With Tracey’s hard work and diligence, Ki’Juice’s success can only go up. She plans on creating a franchise for Ki’Juice. “We are currently planning to expand; and within the near future, open up our second Ki’Juice beverage bar. We are looking at either Miramichi, Moncton, or Fredericton,” Tracey says.

Ki’Juice is located at 21A Church Crescent, in Listuguj, Qc. They are open from Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 8:00pm; and Saturdays, 10:00am – 8:00pm. Be sure to check them out!

By Tanner Isaac

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