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Alexandra (Barnaby) Willett graduated from Acadia University in Sociology, and during her final year of studies, she discovered she had a passion for health and fitness.  She knew she wanted to take this passion to the next level, so she began EL Wellness Studio – Spin + Fitness from scratch during the COVID-19 pandemic. Willett took on multiple roles for the studio – instructor, payroll, marketing, Human Resources, Inventory management, etc. She began business planning in late 2020, and the doors officially opened to the public in September 2021.

Since its opening, the studio now consists of several instructors and studio leaders and offers 25 classes per week. These classes start as early as 6:00 AM and run until late in the evenings.  There are two studios in the facility that offer inclusive group fitness classes. In Studio 1, Spin (indoor cycling) classes are offered. These spin classes are very high-energy and fun and contain upbeat music and lights. In Studio 2, various group fitness classes range from low-intensity workouts, such as yoga and M1ND, to high-intensity workouts like “Get Pumped” and L1FT.

EL Wellness is a very inclusive studio that thrives on the notion that fitness is about feeling good and pushing yourself. The instructors are very supportive and encouraging when it comes to an individual’s personal fitness journey.  Willett said, “A fitness class at EL will push you past your fitness abilities, but it will also uplift you and reassure you of how capable you are.”

Willett said her favorite thing about working at EL Wellness is connecting with the studio’s members. “Watching new members grow so quickly, watching confidence build and self-esteem rise. Our community and the energy they bring will always be the heartbeat of the studio,” said Willett.  If you’ve ever experienced a class at EL Wellness, you can just feel the confidence and joy in the studio rooms. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide an all-around positive experience.

When asked about the future plans of EL Wellness, Willett was excited to share the details. “We are currently in the renovation stages of an expansion! I’m absolutely over the moon to share that we will be the first and only fitness facilities in the Maritime provinces to offer classes using our new equipment.” She said that expansion has always been on her mind and would like to accommodate the studio’s members more with new fitness options. “Our new Studio 3 will offer another type of training that is not offered elsewhere. Stay tuned to see!” said Willett.  

If you are interested in the available courses at EL Wellness Studio, there are a number of ways to get informed. You can stop by the studio, located at 206 Notre Dame St. in Atholville for more information on scheduling and classes offered. All class descriptions and schedules are available on www.elwellnessstudio.com or on the EL Wellness app, which can be found in the App store on any smartphone. Individuals can create a profile on the website or the app and book a class.

Walk Out Stronger at EL Wellness Studio!

By Ann Marie Jacques

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