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Debbie Morrison is very passionate when it comes to being the Owner of JB Toys and Novelty. Even though it is still a fairly new business, being in operation since 2021, Morrison always had the dream of having her own toy store.  She said, “Way back when my children were little, I wanted to have a toy store, and I actually registered ‘JB Toys.” That was over 30 years ago. I went back and added, ‘and Novelty’ and started from there.” In the beginning, she was operating out of her back porch and eventually expanded and moved the shop downstairs to the basement.

JB Toys and Novelty consists of a number of educational toys, toys for children with special needs, and sensory toys that aren’t typically sold at big box stores. Morrison sells party supplies and offers helium for balloons. There is a selection of bouncy castles available to rent, that could be used for children’s birthday parties and other events. Some clothing, gifts, and candy options are also available.

Morrison is very involved with the community of Listuguj, offering donations, and collaborating with other organizations, such as CHRQ 106.9 FM and Alaqsite’w Gitpu School. JB Toys and Novelty can also be found traveling on the road in a decaled trailer, stopping in at Pow Wows, where she typically sponsors candy dances for children.

There are plans to expand the company even further.  Morrison is currently working towards having a new building next to her store that can house children’s Birthday parties and other events. The plan is for it to be an open-concept building, with a kitchenette and tables – allowing guests to bring in their own food and supplies.  There would be indoor entertainment for children – bouncy castles, skateboards, plasma cars, etc. She said there is a lack of facilities for party rooms in the area, so it would be a great opportunity.

“You always have to be here on a regular basis, there is always something new. I just love doing it, it’s fun for the community,” said Morrison.

JB Toys and Novelty has gone on to be a very successful and popular shop in the community. People come from all over to visit. Morrison is very efficient when it comes to updating the shop’s Facebook page with new inventory.  It is located at 35 C Riverside West in Listuguj.  Visit them today!

By Ann Marie Jacques

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