Local Author Spotlight – Emily Angel Isaac Johnson

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Emily Angel Isaac Johnson is from right here in Listuguj, but grew up in the Fredericton, New Brunswick area. She attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and obtained a diploma in Wabanaki Visual Arts. She is currently working on becoming a certified doula and is planning on going back to school for a degree in design and plans on writing more books on Indigenous teachings.

Johnson created the book, Mitzy’s First Time Picking Sweetgrass after a class assignment for an oral tradition course. She created the watercolor images and script. Johnson said, “I got the idea by brainstorming my favourite things to do traditionally. Sweetgrass picking has always been a favourite! My cat Mitzy is very adventurous, and I figured why not make her the main character?”

This book is a great tool to introduce these kinds of teachings to children who may not be familiar with sweetgrass picking. Here is a summary of the book provided by Johnson:

Mitzy the cat is invited by her mom to go sweetgrass picking for the very first time! As her mom passes the important Indigenous teaching down to the next generation, Mitzy learns that this beautiful plant is a traditional medicine that is used for ceremonies, healing, and art.

Mitzy’s First Time Picking Sweetgrass is available on Monster House Publishing’s website. Order your copy today!

By Ann Marie Jacques

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