Local Artist Spotlight – Miranda Barnaby

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Miranda Barnaby’s love for beading started at a young age. When she was in middle school, she looked forward to class with Claudia Gray every week. In high school, she spent many lunch breaks beading and learning with Lita Isaac. Her eagerness to learn eventually led to a passion for beading. She was gifted a pair of beaded earrings and beading supplies from her aunt, and this inspired her to practice making earrings and dreamcatchers, and the rest is history.

Over the years, Barnaby developed her own personal style when it comes to her creations. Her work is very vibrant and intricate with a bohemian flare. She uses birch bark, porcupine quills, and fox or rabbit fur for her hand-sewn poms-poms. As of recently, Barnaby has been crafting beautiful genuine leather purses with removable pom earrings.

With over 6200 followers on social media, her work has evolved significantly over the past six years. Her earrings have been modeled in a fashion show in Edmonton, Alberta, and most notably featured in Sephora’s Native Women’s Association of Canada on Indigenous Beauty.

Barnaby’s work can be found on the Facebook page, “Beadwork/Dreamcatchers by Miranda.” Here you will find what pieces are available for purchase, and information on custom items.

Barnaby’s creativity is unmatched, and she states she does not look online for inspiration, but the designs come naturally to her. “I’m so excited for what the future holds. I don’t think I could ever stop being creative, it’s in my blood,” said Barnaby.

By Ann Marie Jacques

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