Lobster Season is Open

The lobster season opened on September 20. Those with tags can fish for three weeks until October 10th.

And those without tags can get cooked lobster at the Natural Resource building.

“A person can come everyday,” said Kirt Dedam, the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy Coordinator with Listuguj Fisheries. “That’s how the system has always been.”

The lobster fishery is considered a food fishery.

“The main objective for this fishery is to make sure the community is fed with lobster,” said Dedam.

One person can receive one tag, which allows him or her to fish one trap for the duration of the season. Anyone with a tag cannot receive cooked lobster.

The community has 500 tags. 100 are kept by the LMG and used to directly provide food for the community. Those who receive the other tags are asked to also consider donating some of their catch to the community as well.

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