Little gestures to protect Mother Earth


There is a new Ranger in town and his name is Ayden Barnaby.  An Earth Ranger that is.

A curious eight year old, Ayden visited the Earth Ranger website, where school age kids find tips and missions on how to protect animals and Mother Earth. His mission is to collect and recycle 20 batteries, and to dispose them properly.

“I choose to collect batteries because when they are thrown away to the garbage they end up on the landfills where batteries will leak their chemicals into the ecosystem” said Ayden.

The Earth Ranger missions ended up involving kids, families, friends and communities.  In order to achieve his mission he went door to door in hison hi neighborhood. He asked his friends, and when he got messages from community members, his parent would drive them to get the batteries.

When Justin Caldwell of CHRQ started to air Ayden’s message requesting batteries he got more calls.  Within two weeks of his mission, he collected almost 700 batteries that he took to the GMRC office, where there is a disposal box that is shipped to a recycling facility every week.

“I like to help animals, and the chemicals of the batteries are bad for the Earth” said Ayden that takes seriously his Earth Ranger mission seriously.  His goal now is now to collect 1000 batteries before taking on his new mission: protect the bees.

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