Listuguj Summer Camp


The Listuguj summer camps are over for this year, but the kids will now start school with all the great shared memories they’ve made.

The camps began with the idea of getting kids more active. But for the coordinator, Tierra Ritchie, there are now many beneficial aspects of these camps. She sees how much the kids love it, and how excited they are to come back.

“It’s 35-40 of your friends that you’re making these memories with,” Ritchie said. “It makes it that much more special.”

Listuguj Community Services hosts these three-week summer camps for three age groups – 7-9, 10-12, and 13 and up. Each group has different activities.

An effort is made to go visit places. The kids will go to Moncton for the day, or Quebec City. There’s also lots of nearby day trips as well.

The summer camp has been running for 5 years now. And while the organizers know what to expect, kids are showing up with more enthusiastic than they did at first.

Getting kids off the computers was challenge the first year, but now kids have memories, or hear stories from older siblings, and are excited to go to camp.

The organizers are always trying to improve the experience for all the kids. There has been talk about activities with other nearby communities, to start friendships young.

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