Listuguj Police Department Debuts Axon Body Worn Cameras


Listuguj, QC – Earlier this month, the Listuguj Police Department announced that going forward, 14 frontline members will be equipped with Axon body-worn cameras. The cameras will be used during their day-to-day operations, to continue to maintain a safe community. Listuguj Police Department Chief, Trapper Metallic said, “The main reason for bringing in these devices was to improve our service delivery to the community.” These cameras will be set in place not only to secure safety for the public but for the officers as well.

Listuguj Police Department’s initial statement on the cameras via social media: the intended outcomes of the Axon body-worn camera initiative include, the enhanced collection of unbiased evidence, enhanced transparency with the public body, Enhanced officer accountability and professionalism, protection of both the public and officers and to assist in an officer’s ability to de-escalate certain situations.

The data from the videos and images captured using the Axon body-worn cameras are uploaded to secured servers in Canada.  Officers will be provided with login credentials and will be able to access the data and can even receive video evidence and photos straight to their mobile devices.  These easy-to-access videos and photos will be used to review certain incidents and will allow the department to act accordingly.

“By using body-worn cameras, the Listuguj Police Department seeks to reinforce trust and confidence with the community by keeping everyone protected; mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally,” said Chief Trapper Metallic.

Stay tuned for public information sessions with the Listuguj Police Department for more information regarding the new Axon body-worn cameras.

By Ann Marie Jacques

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