Listuguj Market

Listuguj First Nation Community Market

Abby Metallic moved home, but missed the markets she had gotten use to in Moncton. That’s why she started the Listuguj Market on Sundays.

Sometimes over two dozen vendors come out. Some even travel from as far as Saint-Quentin, or Big Cove.

Metallic tries to organize a market about once a month.

She holds them a little less often in the summers, when there are more things going on, inside and outside the community. The last one was on Feb. 21.

She does her best to plan it so the events can be as inclusive as possible, for the whole family.

“I always try to book it on days where everybody – like single parents can come with their kids,” she said. “I try to do different things. I try to get someone who does facepainting, you know, when that’s available.”

Essentially, anyone can set up. Tables are $10 each, or three for $25.

The markets originally started because Metallic knew a lot of people created things at home,. They often sold stuff online or at other markets. But for Metallic, anyone running any small business at all is welcome. Items don’t have have to be hand made.

“They’re more than welcome to come in and set up and show everybody what they do,” she said.

Metallic uses the table fees to pay for the facility, but when there’s extra, she takes the opportunity to promote the vendors.

“I’ll go back and buy from the other vendors. I’ll spend like $20-$30 and I’ll raffle it off on CHRQ, so that people can win it. But they have to come to the market to pick it up, and they need to go to the vendor to pick it up. So it kind of gets people to come and then go check everything else that’s going on. It’s really fun.”

Some of the items at the market

(Photos by Abby Metallic)

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