Listuguj Education Acquires Its First Electric Bus

The Listuguj Education Directorate has added its first electric bus from Girardin Blue Bird to our fleet. We are pleased to announce that it has arrived, and its charging station at the Education Complex has been installed. 

Mi’gmaw worldviews and values are central to what we do for our students. This direction is most noticeable through our land-based learning initiatives. We’re excited to continue leading by example in choosing this zero-emission option. The Quebec Government provided a $125,000 rebate for the first electric bus. Should we decide to purchase more, each subsequent bus will receive a $150,000 rebate. This is part of their plan to convert 64% of all school fleets from gas to electric by 2030.

Important Safety Precaution 

Listuguj Education’s Transportation / Service Manager, Chris Metallic, urges us to keep an eye out for the new bus because we may not hear it coming. Compared to diesel and gas-powered buses, the electric bus’s battery and engine do not make the same loud noises we’re accustomed to. To ensure the safety of students, drivers will play a musical tune from the bus when it slows to under 25 km/hr. 

About The Electric Bus 

Like our other school buses, electric buses are guaranteed for 15 years, but we’ll only use them for a maximum of 10 years. This keeps them at peak performance. Over time, we will replace our remaining gas and diesel buses with electric ones. 

Our bus will support Level 2 (6 hours to full) and Level 3 (3 hours to full) charging options. It can also be plugged into a house with the provided adapter. A full charge has a range of about 200 km. Therefore, the battery will only need regular top-ups for our daily bus routes around Listuguj. 

Our new electric bus costs $391,000, which includes the charging station. Although their cost is four times that of a gas or diesel bus, there will be no additional fuel costs. This is especially important as gas prices continue to rise.

By Listuguj Education Directorate

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