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If you’ve ever turned on your radio to CHRQ 106.9 FM or checked them out on Facebook, then you’re more than likely familiar with Justin Caldwell. Caldwell has been working with CHRQ for the past 20 years in the community of Listuguj. Originally from Matapedia, QC, his radio career began when he went to school for broadcasting in Woodstock, NB. From there he did a job placement at CKNB in Campbellton where he worked for a period of time. He noticed a job ad for a DJ at CHRQ, applied for it, and the rest is history.

“Radio was a big deal as a kid. I thought it would be a cool experience to do something like that,” said Caldwell.

Even though there are no specific formats or job titles, Caldwell says his position could be called the “Program Director.” He assists with bingo, commercial breaks and productions, sales, and on-air work.

CHRQ differs from other radio stations for a few reasons. As mentioned before, there is no specific format – no specific genre of music is played in any order. The on-air staff has the freedom to be in the moment and play what they would like and can adjust accordingly on the spot. Caldwell said, “We’re able to take requests and that’s something not every radio station does because their formats are so strict.”  The station also thrives on being very local and community-driven.

The staff at CHRQ are grateful for Listuguj’s continued support over the years when it comes to bingo, advertisements, participation in request shows and events, etc. Caldwell said his favorite thing about working for CHRQ is being able to provide information to the community. He also expressed his gratitude to the community for being so welcoming and kind to him over the past 20 years. He said, “The community has just been so welcoming that I want to try to do my best for listeners and for the community to provide information and provide service the best we can.”

Tune in to Justin Caldwell on-air Monday-Thursday from 7 AM-1 PM, and on Friday nights for the very popular, All Request Country Show on CHRQ 106.9 FM.

By Ann Marie Jacques

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