Inside the Creative Mind of Ivy Grenier Wysote


Ivy Grenier Wysote is originally from right here in Listuguj, but now resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where she is attending the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She received a certificate in Foundation Visual Arts and then moved on to the Photography/Videography Program, which she is currently enrolled in.

Grenier Wysote found her creativity at a young age and became interested in photography. She said, “I remember running around my neighborhood with a disposable camera and taking pictures of everything with my digital camera I got for Christmas.” Her love for photography grew while she was in high school, and it was then she knew she wanted to pursue her passion. Grenier Wysote said that she is often inspired by her own life experiences and stories, and she uses photography and art to deal with grief and sadness.  She traveled to Europe on a school trip and took several photos of the European sights – the landscape, architecture, and her friends. Using these photos, she created a portfolio, which led to her acceptance into the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

Grenier Wysote is an intern at the George Fry Gallery in Fredericton, where her photography was recently displayed at a gallery showing called: PHOTOGRAPH – FOTOGRAFIA – LITRATO – – תמונה – – NAPUIʼGIGN. “The exhibition title represented the six languages spoken by the talented group of photographers: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Hebrew, and Mi’gmaq,” said Grenier Wysote. Her photo series called; “Superstition” was in the show. The vibrant photos consisted of anonymous models in various acts of superstition. For example, one photo titled, “Under the Umbrella” has a model with her back turned facing a bright yellow wall while having an umbrella opened indoors. Grenier Wysote has been researching different superstitions from all over the world and plans to bring them to life and grow her Superstition series.

When asked about a favourite piece of work she has done, she answered, “In the Mourning” which is a series of photographs she made as a tribute to her mom titled, “Trina Marie Wysote: A Tribute to my Mother.”  Each image represents a collection of items her mother would use to get ready each morning.

In Grenier Wysote’s own words, here is what she said about this meaningful piece:

“Throughout my childhood, whenever my mother was in the bathroom with us we would

have to run away, with the taste of hairspray in our mouths while she enthusiastically

sprayed her curly hair for what seemed like five minutes at a time. She always had hoop

earrings around, and they were also covered in hairspray. There is an engagement ring

in the photograph that she refused to give back to my father after they split up. I would

often find Q-tips all over the house, both clean and used, and would have to lecture her

to throw them out. She told me I would cry if she died one day when I found the Q-tips.

And of course she was right!

Her scent was Pear Glacé by Victoria’s Secret. She found out it was being discontinued

so she bought as much as she could. She often did this with her favorite products. Now,

my siblings and I, all own a bottle of Pear Glacé. It’s very special and close to my heart.”

Grenier Wysote plans on continuing her creative journey and has applied to the Advance Studio Practice graduate program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. While she’s away in Fredericton, she misses her family, her cat Leo and being surrounded by her culture and community.

When asked what advice she would give to someone starting out as an artist or photographer, she said, “Learn as much as you can from others. Take workshops, go to classes, visit galleries, and ask other artists about their work!”

You can see the passion and love when it comes to Ivy Grenier Wysote’s photos. Not only are her photos polished and bright, but they also contain a deeper message that comes from the heart.  You can find her photos on Instagram @Ivvely_Photography.

By Ann Marie Jacques

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