First PCD Payments

The first Per Capita Distribution (PCD) funds for the settlement agreement went out on Friday, June 19. Approximately 1,100 people received $14,951.41.

Registered band members as of May 29,2015 have five years to apply. Minors have five years to apply following their 18th birthday. Payments are expected to be going out for the next 23 years

Anyone who submits a successful application can expect to receive their payment within approximately two weeks.

So far, over 2,000 applications have been processed.

“We’re about two thirds there,” said Mike Isaac, the Communications Officer for the LMG.

Registered band members over the age of 18 – with two valid government-issue IDs – can fill out an application form at the LMG office. Applications will be processed in person at the LMG office from now on.

Click for the “ Per Capita Distribution of Settlement Funds Application Instructions,” the “Community Bulletin #1 regarding PCD,” and the application form. Visit for more updates.

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