Farewell Kathy and Joe

Elder Kathy Paul and her husband Joe Sorbey left Listuguj to establish themselves in the Truro region.  As Mi’gmaq couple they have family and friends across Mi’gmaqi.

Kathy spent more than 40 year of her life in Listuguj and was often active in different community activities.  As a Residential School survivor she was part of different Atlantic and National committees to put pressure on Canada to apologize to First Nations for its assimilationist policies through the Residential school system.

An emotional Farewell lunch was organized for Joe and Kathy at the Elder’s lodge on July 20.

According to Mary Bradstreet “Kathy was able to pass on her strength and the honor system that she always valued. I feel that she contributed to my own growth. She helped us with the Restorative Justice Program that is about forgiveness and healing and she was always there for the youth to help them grow as well. She’s a sister of mine in a spiritual sense,” she said.

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