“Don’t Quit Quitting”
 Listuguj Community Health Services Smoking Cessation Program


Listuguj Community Health Services has several programs and resources available to community members. One program is the Smoking Cessation program, which is coordinated by Wanda Metallic. Metallic is well-known in the community for her work in programs such as the Opioid program, as well as the Brighter Futures program that has been in effect for the last 30 years.

The Smoking Cessation program began roughly five or six years ago. It is offered to people who would like assistance in quitting smoking. In the beginning, Metallic would determine how many cigarettes the person consumes and then release a starter kit that consists of various Nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, and vaporizers. People can try these products out to see which they prefer and can return to the Health Centre to receive more. Each product contains a number of milligrams pertaining to how many cigarettes are consumed. For example, Step 1 has the highest dose of nicotine which would typically be what a person who is just starting to quit, would use. Metallic will offer a two-week supply of these products at a time. The starter pack also consists of a journal for people to keep track of the journey so far, and to write about their experience.

When asked why a program like this is important for the community, Metallic simply said, “Smoking is bad for you. Eventually, smokers are going to quit smoking because they have no choice.  It’s too bad that it gets that far.”

If you are looking to quit smoking or would like some information, walk-ins are available, or you can contact the Listuguj Health Centre at 418-788-2155.

In closing, Metallic had a piece of advice for community members who wish to quit smoking. She said, “Don’t quit quitting! Don’t give up. Keep going. We’re here all the time, if I’m not, there’s someone here who can serve you.”

By Ann Marie Jacques

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