Deadlines for Funding

Students starting, returning, or continuing post-secondary education need to have their intent form submitted by February 29th. This includes anyone seeking funding for the spring/summer 2016, the fall 2016, or the winter 2017 semesters.

The form can be found at the Gu’gu’gwes Facebook Page . It needs to be sent to

This form is new for returning students, and will allow the department to plan better, and ensure proper funding is available.

A Post-Secondary Luncheon will be held on December 29th at the LMDC to talk about these changes, and to introduce some of the new frontline workers.

The Post Secondary Student Support program has undergone changes to improve its goal of supporting community members pursuing post secondary studies

“The enhancements to the program is that the career development services are available to all new applicants,” said Lorna Sook, the Director of Education and LMDC, which have recently merged. “So students are accessing professional services from counsellors that have been doing it for a very long time.”

Many resources are available to potential post-secondary students. Help can be found for all aspects, from choosing a suitable career, to researching, to identifying different schools and funding options.

“It’s something the LMDC has been doing since its inception,” said Sook. “The counsellors are use to the process. So students are accessing professional services from people that have been doing it for a very long time.

Counsellors are also assigned to follow up throughout the first year, just to ensure everything is going well, and help deal with some of the anxieties common within the first year.

The LMDC wants parents and guardians to be aware that Career Counsellors will be scheduling appointments with potential high school graduates who have not yet applied for post-secondary studies.

The department is trying to help students out in any way they can. A new researcher was even hired, and will be compiling loan and bursary information. It will be available as either a handbook, or a website.

There are additional deadlines that need to be met, particularly the Financial Application Form submission deadline. This date varies according the semester you wish to attend, but it can be as early as April 1, 2016. More information is available online, or through the LMG Facebook page.

The most pressing date is the February 29th intent form though. Even if someone suddenly decides they do want to attend school in the coming year – there’s still time to start the process.

Set up an appointment with a Career Counsellor by contacting the LMDC at 418-788-1347.

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