Community meetings are planned

Four weeks following the election, Chief Darcy Gray had been going nonstop. The morning he was elected, he packed his office at Sugarloaf Senior High School, and unpacked at the LMG that afternoon.

“I’ve been on the go since,” Chief Gray said. “Even holidays aren’t holidays.”

With so much to get up to speed on, there was very little information to release. But one thing was already definite.

“The clear message from council has been that we need to engage our community more,” Chief Gray said. “We do need to speak with our community members.”

A community meeting had already been set for September.  “It’s just a way of engaging and sharing information with the community,” Chief Gray said.  There are plans for continuous, regularly scheduled meetings like this.

Following the celebrations of the BACS graduating class, the upcoming Bachelor of Education offered by McGill University, is on the forefront of many people’s minds. It starts in September.

Another university program in the community — especially in education — with a conscious effort to promote and encourage Mi’gmaq perspective is huge.

“From a community development standpoint — this is so exciting,” Chief Gray said. “You get to that point of … we as a community are starting to steer and direct our own education, right. We’re going to be able to teach our kids what’s important to us.”

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  1. Sonia Mitchell
    Sonia Mitchell says:

    Good to hear! Chief Gray, please take care of yourself & take a break once in a while. You deserve vacations too 🙂

    I’m happy to hear that you plan to improve communications with Listiguj members. I hope you don’t forget about those of us who live in outside of the community. I personally have registered for the newsletter a few times but haven’t received any at all. I do visit this site to view it online though. Congratulations again on your election!


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