CCP’s Youth Art Gala Night

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With great success the CCP Team hosted the Listuguj Youth Art Gala on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Over 100 art pieces and essay submission were showcased, all thanks to the insightful and beautiful minds of our Listuguj youth.

Wela’lioq to the 125+ people who took time out of their busy schedules to come and support our youth and CCP Planning in Listuguj. It was a blast to share experiences with you!

I would specifically like to acknowledge the Art Gala preparation team (see picture)– Alicia Simon, Tamara Jacques, Felicia Mitchell, Kayla Isaac and Jasmyn Nicholson. Your hard work made all the difference!

As well as our much-appreciated volunteers, Yasmine Isaac, Casey Metallic, James Simon and Camden Metallic.

Also, our event would not have been possible without the participation from the following.

LMG Economic Development Unit

Listuguj Community Development Centre

LMG Communications Department

CHRQ Radio

FM Sounds & CJRZ Radio

JB Toys & Novelty

Decoration Services from Rose Metallic

Amelia Rioux, Emma Metallic & Hailey Swasson (Kid Activity Supervisors)

Zoe’s Bakery

Christine Desjardins (Caterer)

Ismael Lavallee (Facepainting)

Don Bernard (Magic Show)

Xpress Printing


This event sprouted from a beautiful idea from CCP Assistant Coordinator, Alicia Simon. Let’s keep up the good work! Community planning is important – especially for our future generations.

Wela’lioq m’set wen!

  • Dawn Germain-Metallic, CCP Coordinator for Listuguj
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