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Haven House celebrates 25th anniversary

When the shelter first opened in 1991, Sheila Swasson – the Director at the time – remembers the misconceptions. A police officer once came to the shelter, with information about a woman at risk. He didn’t know if the shelter could do anything, because the woman hadn’t been physically assaulted yet. “It just goes to […]

Don Burnstick: “laughter is good medicine”

Don Burnstick uses humour and performance to provide a holistic approach to healing. He was invited to Listuguj for National Addictions Awareness Week, to talk about well-being, sobriety and anti-violence. His opening statements were sobering. His history with violence, drugs and alcohol shaped who he is today. “I remembered looking at myself in the mirror, […]

A new tool to keep Listuguj connected

You may have noticed a giant electronic billboard in Listuguj recently.  Hopefully you learned something from it as well. On November 29, 2016 Listuguj had the new electronic message board installed, complements of Listuguj Community Social Services. Over the past few years Listuguj Community Health Services (LCHS) has been working on getting the electronic message […]


Remembrance Day: Honoring our Veterans

November 11th is a day to remember those who fought for our future and safety.  The Listuguj Veteran’s Committee held the Remembrance day ceremonies at the Listuguj Community Development Center this year. It started at 10:30 a.m. Half of the (Bingo) Hall was decorated, with a long table running midway through the room to accommodate […]

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Salmon Summit 3

The Salmon Summit has been held in Listuguj for three years now. It was created to bring people and organizations with interests in the Restigouche watershed together. Over the course of two days, Salmon Summit 3 was held at the Bingo Hall. Discussions and focus group sessions were held, showing the amount of work and […]

The importance of thermal refuges for Salmon

Salmon are sensitive to everything in the environment, even relatively small differences in the  the temperature of the water. “Anything above 23 celsius, they have a hard time doing their biological function,” said Carol-Anne Gillis, a cost-shared biologist, working with the GMRC, the Listuguj Fisheries, and the Restigouche River Watershed Management Council (RRWMC). She is […]

Etlagnutmamg with Vivian Sorbey

Joe Wilmot sat down with Vivian Sorbey to have a conversation entirely in Mi’gmaq. This is part of the Etlagnutmamg series by the Nujignua’tegeg. It features conversations entirely in Mi’gmaq with people in and around Listuguj First Nation.