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Fishing Quota Allocation

A portion of Listuguj’s fishing quota has been allocated to Kildare Fisheries in Prince Edward Island. Chief and Council made this decision early May. “The last few years we could only fish 75 per cent of the quota with our boats,” said Chief Scott Martin. This year the quota is also higher than it was […]

Settlement Deadline

The Governement of Canada signed the Settlement Agreement on April 29, 205. This is the “effective date.” The cutoff date to confirm Listuguj membership is now May 29, 2015. Delays from the Canadian Government pushed this date back further than expected, but the LMG has always stated that the final day to be registered on […]

Chief’s Message

“The newsletter is another form of being transparent and accountable to the community,” said Chief Scott Martin. “Not everybody has Facebook, so a newsletter going out to the community keeps them in touch with what is actually happening in the community.” There are a lot of things happening. Look forward to more information on the […]

What’s in a name?

Nujignua’tegeg comes from Nujignau’teget. The first refers to a thing, the second to person – or more accurately a function performed by a person.  “Nujignua’teget is a person who’s recognized for their ability to inform and/or has been appointed to inform – either on behalf of the community or the leadership,” said Dr. Fred Metallic. “It’s […]