A new tool to keep Listuguj connected

You may have noticed a giant electronic billboard in Listuguj recently.  Hopefully you learned something from it as well.

On November 29, 2016 Listuguj had the new electronic message board installed, complements of Listuguj Community Social Services.

Over the past few years Listuguj Community Health Services (LCHS) has been working on getting the electronic message board. The idea had been pitched to Health Canada for years. It was finally able to move forward this year.

“I wanted the community to see all of the possible programs and activities that are being offered,” said Donna Metallic, the Director of the LCHS.

The message board is centrally located, in hopes that everyone in the community will see it regularly. It will help keep people informed – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The idea isn’t entirely new.

“The first time I went to Mashteuiatsh up north they had a message board when you enter their community”, Metallic said.

Directly under a beautiful statue – a monument welcoming people to the community – there’s  screen, with a feed of all the activities going on. It was only for one directorate. Metallic immediately recognized how useful it could be for Listuguj. For all of Listuguj.

“I thought, ‘This is beautiful.’ It’s a beautiful way to showcase the happenings in the community,” she said. “What better way than to display it on a board in the middle of the community.”

The sign came from Pattison Sign Group in Edmunston, New Brunswick. The sign was made in Edmunston, and delivered and installed, with the help of Mic Mac Electric.

Metallic used a similar sign in Kanehsatake. It was modified to showcase the LCHS logo.

“I wanted to be able to have that on the sign,” she said. “I also wanted to showcase that the Health Center is an accredited organization, and it was a lot of work with staff and accredition coordinator that put us on the accreditation path of quality services that we provide to the community.”

The sign adds another level of communication for the community.

“I would like to see each of the directors use that sign to promote their activities,” Metallic said. “I want it to be used as much as possible, so that when you’re driving by – at any given time – then you will know what is going on.”

The sign will start to generate revenue starting January 9, 2017 for any additional information please contact the LMG IT/Communications department at sign@listuguj.ca

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