A Message from the Health and Safety Team


Winter time is now upon us. During this frigid season we must remember to take certain precautions to stay safe. When outdoors, wear appropriate footwear for the winter. Winter boots have better traction than summer or indoor footwear, so consider bringing summer/indoor footwear to work and change in the office/workplace.

The use of ice cleats may also help with traction outdoors. However, be careful when travelling indoors on hard surfaces. Cleats will have the reverse effect.

Parking lots and walkways are common places for slips/falls during the winter. Please exercise caution as black ice may be present at entry points/parking lots.

Making sure they are kept clean of ice and snow is very important.  If they are not frequently maintained during the day, have a bucket of salt/sand with a small shovel available where needed. We all can take a few minutes to help by spreading out some salt/sand. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

When walking over an icy patch, try walking like a penguin. Remember, keep your hands out of your pockets to keep your balance.

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