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At the end of February, the Listuguj Community Health Services (LCHSS) kicked off it’s new Smoking Cessation initiative.

Coordinators Corey Metallic and Wanda (Beddase) Metallic hosted a Brunch at the Elders lodge to kickoff the program.  During the session the LCHSS brought in Marc Carrier, a pharmacist from the Campbellton and Pointe a La Croix Jean Coutu branches. Carrier was invited to provide info to the public on the dangers of smoking along with explaining various quitting aids. “They’re effective, to get information to people – when they’re ready to quit they’ll have the information and know about the products to start with” said Marc.

During the presentation, Marc explained the various quitting aids that are available.

“There are all kinds,” he said. “There’s the pill, Champix treatment, Zyban treatment and there’s also the most common one -nicoderm patches.  And there is helper too like nicoderm gun, inhaler, and lozenges too.” 

Marc had also explained that the prescription may not be covered for the desired time that a patient would prefer.” Usually the insurance they pay for like 12 weeks or 14 weeks; After that, they’ll pay again but only in a year.

Marc said, “So if we have extra supply here, people can be on for another 4-6 more weeks and it’s going to help them make sure they quit and they’re not going to restart.”

The Listuguj Community Health Services wants to incorporate the Smoking Cessation into their long term work plans.

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