The Listuguj Police Department would like to remind the public that School Zone speed limits will resume as of the morning of September 5, 2023 in the designated locations. (Caplin Road in front of the AGS, Riverside East in front of the Education Complex, and Pacific Drive from LMDC to the Daycare). 

Also, please ensure the safety of students getting on and off the bus by always obeying the signals of the School Bus.  Failure to respect the school bus signals can result in public injury and an infraction ticket being issued.

Example of Infractions: 

Speeding in a School Zone: 

[Example if you are doing 50km/hr in a posted 30km/hr School Zone], Section 329 of the HSC = $200.00 fine and 3 points from your driver’s license. 

Failure to Stop for a School bus while Red flashing signals are activated and stop signal: 

Section 460 of the HSC = $313.00 and 9 points from your driver’s license. 

The LPD staff would also like to wish all the students a safe and happy return to school, we hope you have an awesome year! 


Chief of Police Peter Arsenault 

Listuguj Police Department 

We appreciate the public’s co-operation, as this is for the safety of our community and children. 

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