2nd Dan Black Belt – Joey Caplin


Listuguj’s Joey Caplin is currently in grade 10 at Sugarloaf Senior High School, and will be going into Grade 11 in the Fall. His grandmother put him in Taekwondo when he was six years old because he was getting bullied. “It wasn’t for the sake of just being able to go fight someone, it was for inner confidence and discipline,” said Caplin.

Caplin earned his black belt in Taekwondo when he was 12 years old. Earlier this year with focus and persistence, he achieved his Second Dan black belt. He will be able to earn his Third Dan black belt in two years’ time when he is in Grade 12. In Taekwondo, the highest level of belt you can achieve is the 9th Dan black belt, which takes roughly a lifetime of years to attain.

Caplin’s favourite thing about Taekwondo is the traveling that comes along with competing. He loves the environment and meeting new people. In traveling through Canada, he has also had the opportunity to meet famous athletes.

He trains in Atholville, NB at Patrick Soucy Taekwondo. He would like to add that his grandfather, Frank Caplin has been driving him to Taekwondo since day one. Caplin said, “That’s a lot of dedication that he’s done my whole life really. He’s getting old, but he still always drives me, he cares about me a lot.”

The Taekwondo competition season has come to an end, but he will continue training during the summer months and will work to achieve his Third Dan black belt.

By Ann Marie Jacques

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